CPALead – Job Offer

Hey guys! here are some method and trick that you could earn you some extra bucks straight into your PayPal account. Now before we get started, You’ll need a few things.
1. CPALead Account. (Register free at
2. Craigslist Account.(Register free at

Okay! You ready?

Let’s get started!

Ok now you can twist this method into several different ideas but I’m just going to show you the most popular one!
Now log into your CPALead account and go to the Ringtones section to find some leads you can get! As you can see, these payout a lot which is great because it means more cash for you! Go ahead and see which ones look more legit and real.
Now go back to Craigslist and post a job in any popular city with a message like this:

“Hello we are a mobile phone company looking for people who would like to make some quick cash.

We need our mobile phone system to be checked by several people and we are offering you $300 via Cheque or PayPal if you would test our system.
This will take no more than 5 -10 minutes. If everything goes smoothly, we may ask you to test out something for us in the future.
Please send us an email if interested:
Anthony Davidson
Ringfolk Mobile Company”

Try to make it look as legit and professional as possible!
Now within a matter of minutes you’ll be getting a lot of email responses so I would setup some form of AutoResponser (Gmail is best for this).
Your response should go something like this:

Thank you for showing interest in our offer. We have narrowed down the choices and you’ve made it into the top few. We have to make sure all participants are legit so we require you to do a test of 4 of our websites before we give you the mobile system. You will be paid $100 for these tests.

Thank you! Please also include in your next email your payment method (Cheque/PayPal) after you’ve completed these offers.”

Affiliate link here refers to your CPALead offer link. It’s best to use a URL Shortner (tinyURL, etc) as it leads less suspicion to the tester.

Now your work is done!

Consider the money you’ll make. Each offer pays out around $10 and for everyone that completes all 4 offers you’ll get $40!
Ignore there emails from now on.