Promoting CPALead with NBA and Youtube traffic

Promoting CPALead

As we all know traffic is key for the success at the Internet Marketing. More traffic –>More clicks (leads) –> More cash
Now I got one simple formula for you that will make you some easy and fast money.

First what you need to do is to make sure you have following things :

  • CPA account
  • YouTube account
  • Mozilla Firefox (with Video Downloader extension)
  • PayPal account (or any other way you can get paid from CPA to)

Proceed to the next page to get more info about things you need.

CPA account

There are a lot of CPA networks on the Internet.But you can start with this one called “CPA Lead” Go here to register :

YouTube account

We all know about YouTube.If you don’t have account there already,go here to register :

Mozilla Firefox

Click here to download latest Mozilla Firefox browser version :

After you’ve downloaded and installed it,go here to get “Ant Video Downloader”, add-on for downloading videos via Mozilla Firefox :

PayPal account

Go to to get PayPal account.If you don’t like PayPal you can get paid by check or ACH (USA only).

Now,when you have all things mention above go to and look for some games that are on.



As you can see,most games start at 7:00 pm ET so try to be there at that time and watch for some highlights of the game.

Try to be first who will download highlights,use Ant Video Downloader to download them so you can get more views.

After you have downloaded video go to your YouTube account and upload it.
Make sure you put correct tags so people can easily find it.
Use NBA informations for help with tags.

After you’ve uploaded video to your channel,you need to put annotations on it.
Go here ,choose video you have just uploaded and click on “Annotations” under it.

You see that my video is blocked in some countries,that is because of copyright issues but it’s not big problem.

Your video will get blocked only after few days,you will get a lot of views before that happens,so do not worry.

When you go to annotations,click on the plus sign in left lower corner on your video and click on the second icon “Add a note”

Write your website that leads to the CPA offer there and make sure you put that note to go through your whole video so people can see it.

Just wait for few minutes and you will see your video getting a lot of views!!!
You will get so many views if you put some amazing video,like some flashy dunk,game winning shot or something like that.

Just sit back and watch your CPA getting some nice income 😉
Make sure you make nice website,something related to basketball,then you earn much more money.