Earn Easy Money with CPALead

Ok, I’ve posted a one or two guides about making easy money with cpalead in the past, but I think it’s time I release a really simple way to make money with their site. What you will be doing is giving people a small incentive to fill out a survey, an incentive of your choice. The main thing is, that you keep you incentive cheap, and make it easy to convert. So, here’s how you can get started with this method. This method is a little blackhat, but only in the fact that you have to lie to people via the internet.

Step 1: Signup for cpalead (Or don’t if you’re already signed up)

Step 2: Create a landing page that you will use to make sure users have completed an offer and earned you money.

Step 3: Your site should be setup like this a) Homepage with a button that says ‘click here to get the password’ (or something similar) b) A page with the password on it, just a simple 2 word phrase, or a simple word. It really does not matter. A good idea might be to make the password look like an activation code for an online product. Like a warcraft cd key, or adobe product code. (more info further into the guide)

Step 4: Install cpalead’s premium content gateway with a couple of easy-to-complete/High Paying offers. People are only going to be filling out one offer, so you want to make sure it’s worthwhile for you. Have it setup so that people can’t see the page that the premium content gateway is blocking, until they fill out a survey. The rest is all up to your creative method of promoting.

Some Ideas for Promotion:
  1. Create a youtube video that says; Working activation code to Adobe CS4 or some other digital product that requires a cd key. On the video, direct viewers to your landing page for the code (which of course will be fake). So disable comments and ratings, people will be forced judge your video based on views alone (The more views the more credible). The more popular the product is at the time you release your video, the more natural views you will get, and the more surveys you will get filled out/more money you will make. Spore would’ve been a good one at the time of it’s release.
  2. Torrents: Upload torrents of trial products that require an activation code to work. In the torrent readme file, tell users that they most go to the website and complete an offer in order to get their activation code. In order to preserve your credibility on the torrents comments page, just say that if the activation code isn’t working, it has expired or something, and all users have to do is search the net for a new one. (Don’t say that in your original description, just reply to accusatory [is that a word?] comments with something like that).
  3. Just tell random people that if they go to your site and complete an offer you’ll give them something. Tell them if they get their friends to do it, you’ll give them something a little larger. For example, go on digitalpoint and offer $.10 when they fill out the survey. $.15 for every other person they get to fill out a survey. What if they continued on like that? I believe cpalead allows incentives, in fact I am pretty positive. Since people are just filling out surveys and etc… Your not getting paid to sign someone up to a website they don’t really want to sign up for or anything like that.