How to Make Money Online with a Content Site

  1. One of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online is with a content site. YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT! What you may not know is how to take this idea to a whole new level. A much more profitable way to create wildly popular content sites is by using breaking news that millions of people are search for TODAY. I’ll also give you 16 other methods to monetize your site. I certainly cannot discredit adsense a good way to monetize content site but I want to give you a few good alternatives.
    Before I get to that, let’s deal with using breaking news to monetize your site. A good way to make money online is just by staying abreast of the daily news and making a simple webpage that you can have online within minutes. Write up some basic including the keywords for the stories that people will be looking for this evening to learn more about today’s news. You can have people arriving at your site very quickly by creating a few pay per click campaigns.
    You can keep up with what’s going on by frequenting websites like, or even local and regional news sites. You can do the same with sports or entertainment news.

16 Adsense Alternatives to Monetize Your Website

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