Make $100 in 10 minutes with CPALead


We are going to be using CPALead to make our money. If you do not have an account with CPALead, please click HERE and apply now. If you need help getting approved and setting up your CPA account head over to to download a free eBook from Ripp Juku.

Our traffic is going to come from Twitter. We are going to be finding targeted traffic from people’s tweets. Twitter has an excellent search feature which allows you to search anybody’s tweets for a particular niche or topic. This is extremely powerful in that we have people literally telling us their needs that they desire to have fulfilled. Go to to get a taste of this awesome feature. If you are logged in to Twitter you can access the search bar on the right hand column of your welcome screen.

So what we want to do is come up with a certain problem people are having and help them fix it. The sky is the limit here. The possibilities really are endless. Once we have a niche, we are going to make a quick blog or website, put our information on the page and then put a CPALead gateway on top of it. It’s kind of like an indirect form of Yahoo answers with a big twist, the twist being we make money.

So once you come up with a niche or a problem that needs solving and have relevant content along with a CPALead widget on your page, do a search on Twitter for your niche keyword(s). When you search be sure to add “-http” to the end of your search. This works just like it does in Google, it subtracts http from your searches and filters out other marketer’s tweets. When you find a relevant tweet go ahead and reply to them. Make your tweet sound real and not spammy. Also address the problem in your tweet. Do not post a direct link to your site in the tweet because a lot of times will get flagged or will be too many characters long. Instead use to shorten your URL. Once you shorten it go ahead and throw it in your tweet and then it publish it.

Possible niches
  1. Picking up girls
  2. Making money (if people tweet about losing their job or being broke)
  3. Video game strategies (WOW, Farmville, and Mafia Wars are all hot)
  4. Weight Lifting/Workout strategies
  5. Anything from Twitter trends.
    Be creative, follow what’s hot and you will do very well with this method.
What Now?

This method is very flexible and highly scalable. Instead of CPALead you can sell products from affiliate sites like Clickbank. Each sale can make you an easy $15-$50. Put this method on complete autopilot by hiring someone to find and post tweets to people. I am paying people about $.03-$.05/tweet which isn’t bad. There are plenty of people that will do this considering it is just copying and pasting. You may want to keep one niche to one person to keep things more organized.